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73 Hargrave Street- Second Floor

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1N3

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 4:30pm

The Pas

Welcome to the

The Pas Friendship Centre

The Pas Friendship Centre Inc. is committed to providing positive social and cultural programs and services while promoting Indigenous pride and community harmony.

The objective of The Pas Friendship Centre is to promote community spirit, community involvement and a mutual understanding between peoples of various cultures. The Centre is a bridge between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous cultures, bringing and assisting people where necessary, promoting the development of community-based programming.

The Centre works with community organizations on local issues and projects, as well at provincial and national levels.

Our Program Coordinator develops and creates programs, workshops, and lessons for all ages. These programs fit into the following categories: Youth, Elder, and adult programming.

The youth Coordinator assumes responsibility for ensuring the implementation, and evaluation of all The Pas Friendship Centre Inc. youth programming, programs offered to youth between the ages 0-17 and their primary caregiver. Programs offered are hands-on activities that will enhance family unity and community involvement. Programming is based on family needs and well-being and provides support and community resources.

The Homeless Outreach Navigator provides support to clients experiencing homelessness or those who are at risk of homelessness. This program and Advocates for those with addictions and in crisis connect them with addictions and treatment options.

The TPFC community soup kitchen provides daily hot lunches to our homeless population. As well, anyone struggling with food security issues can come by the Centre and have a hot lunch.