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About Us

Achieving Sustainable Livelihoods

For generations, Friendship Centres have provided resources, supports, and training for struggling families in order to give them a chance to change their circumstances; however, solving racism, cultural neglect, and poverty on a wide-scale requires focus on sound, community-based work aligned with a long-term commitment to achieving self-reliance.

How Are We Helping?

Each community supports the people who live there in different ways. Recognizing this, we have developed our guiding principles to serve as the foundation for community growth. By applying these fundamental values to each project, we have seen significant strides in improving the quality of life for people every year since the early 1950’s.

We mobilize people by linking small-scale community projects and services to people in need, often empowering economic growth and stability across entire communities. By using mentoring and support programs, we are training people in the skills they need to develop real world experience and business expertise.

Our partnerships with governments, private organizations, non-profit coalitions and other networks enable us to find effective solutions with substantial impact.

A Concentrated & Collective Effort

We organize our Regional work as MAC into large-scale consistent program deployment models that aim to meet the long-term needs of communities in many parts of the Province. We create deeper impact in the lives of our project partners by improving access to income, education, culture, health care and child care. Please support your local Friendship Centre!

Reputation and Reliability

Our funders generosity has allowed us to establish and maintain locations around the Province with decades of experience. This broad support and knowledge serves as leverage for institutional support from agencies, foundations and corporations to exponentially multiply and expand program impact, and a network of more than 400 committed individuals, businesses and organizations support our programs.